Hey everyone!
It’s been long overdue but with the wedding season in full swing after our shoot for Wingmen, we barely had time to blog our own weddings — let alone these images we took. When we first connected with Arthur from Wingmen, we fell in love with the idea of affordable, stylish and fitted suits for your groomsmen. We find that a refined and affordable approach to dressing up the boys on a wedding day is hard to come across. You’re either getting rented, cheap-o suits that don’t flatter or fit well, OR you’re going the bespoke route which can be expensive for your groomsmen. Enter Wingmen.

“The idea that getting you and your groomsmen outfitted for your big day shouldn’t be difficult and you shouldn’t have to break the bank doing it either. We provide a personal shopping experience that makes it easy – everything from making sure your suits fit to getting the right colours to match the bridesmaids. Our suits and packages also come at an affordable price point, so why rent when you can own the suit?” – Wingmen Philosophy

The objective of the campaign was to capture the experience of shopping at Wingmen Suits — from the customer service, the afternoon hanging out with the boys, and choosing styles, materials and accessories for the big day, we ourselves had so much fun just from shooting this. We can imagine it being such a positive and helpful experience for real grooms and groomsmen. If you’re in need of a custom fitted suit, we highly recommend hitting up Arthur at his studio 🙂 For more info and to see more of the campaign we shot, go here.




p.s. If you haven’t seen the Behind The Scenes video and images from the shoot already, check it out here!