What’s In Your Bag? Personal Travel Bag Edition

Hey all! Claudia here writing to you in Sauble beach — about 2.5-3 hours away from my usual end of the woods. Justin and I are here for this mini destination wedding and I thought it’d be a good opportunity to share with you guys what’s typically in my personal bag when travelling for work.
While the items above do not show everything that I’d throw into my bag, it does cover most of the usual suspects! Here it goes:

  1. Ravean portable power. Now for portable battery, this guy is huge and pretty bulky. But this battery powers our heated down jackets that we use to keep warm in the winter and since it doubles as a super high-capacity phone charger, this is what I usually throw into my bag. This battery has saved me in situations where we’re on the go without access to power, or hotel rooms where I wasn’t able to charge all my devices overnight.
  2. Two styles of watches. I don’t always travel with two styles of watches but I do consider it! I like to keep active and a sporty watch of sorts is a must-have. But rocking a Timex stopwatch to a wedding isn’t so great so I often have some sort of more appropriate watch for a more polished accessory. Recently I’ve found that the Apple Watch does a great job at both by just changing up the bands!
  3. Sleep aids. As a light sleeper, I have to be a bit strategic with sleep especially on the road since conditions are going to be unpredictable and unfamiliar. One thing I’ve found very helpful is a blackout eye mask and some sort of mindless TV show going on in the background. The eye mask helps keep that same familiar darkness I get at home regardless of what kind of shades/blinds are at the hotel. The earphones with ambient stuff coming out of it act like a sound conditioner to help mute out and potential weird sounds and obtrusive noises at hotels. p.s. Yes, that’s a super old iPod Video that I still bring. I often just stream stuff from Netflix from my iPhone but some hotels have poor WiFi so I’m able to access several seasons of any TV show from this iPod.
  4. Casual clothes. When attending destination weddings, we’re often invited to a lot of extra curricular activities like welcome dinners or other social hang outs. Having a set of day clothes is important.
  5. Work clothes. The usual a couple more black tops in case I sweat through one! Destination weddings tend to be at hot locations…
  6. Dress Shoes. I like these Cole Haan loafers as they are super comfy for being on your feet all day. I usually wear them for work but they can easily dress up jeans in a jiffy too.
  7. Power Beats wireless earphones. Great for running or working out.
  8. Swim wear. Some tanning and swimming mixed in with work is always something to look forward to 🙂
  9. 15″ MacBook. Some light work on location or for watching a movie in the hotel room.
  10. Protein powder. I usually have several servings of this on hand just because food is so unpredictable when traveling and on the road. I usually just have this post-workout but I’ll easily have a shake as a meal replacement as well.
  11. Mobility ball. Traveling can often involve sitting in an airplane or car for long periods so releasing and mobilizing with this little ball helps keep me loose.
  12. Workout shoes. I like these Reebok Nanos as they are fairly versatile since they are designed for cross training. So whether going on a hike, or a day out walking, doing some lifting or running, I find these guys are adaptable to almost all situations.
  13. Shaker bottle. To use with the protein powder or just as a general water bottle.
  14. Gym clothes. Pretty self explanatory… 🙂
  15. I’ve been really enjoying this Reebok Convertible Duffle Bag for traveling and for day trips. It’s a hefty 43L with the typical shoe compartment (that can store my workout shoes, dress shoes AND a third pair of flats), laptop and accessory compartments etc. The best part that I’ve been digging is that I can grab it quickly with one hand like a duffle. However, if I need to free up my hands, I can easily throw this bag onto my back as well.

As mentioned above, there are a handful of things that I pack into this bag that are not shown (chargers, cables, make up, my glasses etc.) and even so, the duffle is able to accommodate that all comfortably.

That’s all folks! Signing off from Sauble Beach …


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