Teresa + Josh :: Destination Wedding in Bahamas

Hello, Justin here reporting on the 2nd half of our back to back destination weddings! I was in Toronto less than 10hrs after flying in from Mexico(Jessica & Johns Cancun wedding) and was right back at the airport heading to Miami. There, a cruise ship awaited destined for the Bahamas. The greatest part of a back to back is packing once with a load of laundry in between.

If you haven’t seen their engagement session, take a peek here. Teresa, is my wife’s sister and therefore my sister for the past 2.5 years. She commands the same angst, frustration and concern I’d imagine I’d have for a younger sibling.

However, over the years, I’ve also gotten to know she’s loyal, caring and possesses an innocent naivety that is beyond endearing. Josh on the otherhand, is mediocre at best. He’s a Wong like myself, asian-tall like myself, and you’d think we were brothers if not for his innate ability to grow facial hair. Truthfully, his nurturing and kind-hearted disposition is a perfect match for Teresa and I welcome him to the family with open arms.

Cruise weddings offer a few challenges. First, the rooms were rather small so they’re not particularly ideal for prep. On this occasion, we found a nice quiet space in the lobby that offered a big window and lots of space.

The next challenge was time and location related. The wedding was to take place on a beach in Nassau and required some logistics in transferring both bride and groom, and guests separately with the bride and groom needing to arrive first. This limited our time off board for the reveal and also meant we had to stay on our toes since we had no opportunity to scout. Because the portrait session was to take place immediately following the ceremony on the beach, we opted to shoot the reveal by the docks and spotted a terrific background using the hull of a neighbouring ship.

The wind was strong that day and it meant we had to keep our hair in check, but it also meant we had a natural wind machine for her wonderfully long veil. When everything was said and done, everything went beautifully and the evening wrapped with heartfelt speeches, dancing, and lots of booze. I wish these two a life of love and happiness!

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