Isn’t it amazing how one wedding can blend two cultures together so seamlessly?

Hello guys, Calvert here. Every once in a while a wedding comes along that’s truly unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Started off the morning with some classic door games and a traditional tea ceremony from both families. The tea ceremony is an act of respect and formally introduces and welcomes the bride and groom to their families. It was so nice to see the bride’s family accept the tradition of having a tea ceremony in the morning.
Prior to the ceremony, Ivan’s family was welcomed in by Nisprih’s parents with music and food. Dressed in vibrant colours, Nisprih’s friends and family exuded a warm atmosphere to welcome the new groom to their family. Full of energy and spirit, Ivan was given delicacies to enjoy as a part of a passing ritual. This traditional gesture was the perfect setting to join two families together by a union of culture and love.
Nisprih made her entrance by sitting on a carriage carried by her friends and family. The grandeur of the act set the tone for this stunning and beautiful celebration.
We found ourselves behind schedule and a creative session still needed to be done. Luckily, we were able to scout out the location beforehand and found ourselves a nice urban space. There were nice columns and different textures which allowed us a lot of space to play with.
The evening was continued to be filled with more laughter and joy; touching speeches were made and amusing games were played. Towards the end of the night, Nisprih and Ivan surprised their guests with a traditional Chinese Lion Dance, but this wasn’t just any ordinary performance. What made it so creative was them ending off the performance with an upbeat south asian track. 
Congrats to the happy couple!