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If you haven’t already seen Marie and Dave’s Behind The Wedding video, make sure you go check it out for a unique behind the scenes look from our perspective as photographers. If you’ve already seen it then you’ll know one thing about this wedding: It.Was.Cold. For us, it was pretty freezing… so imagine being Marie and Dave, or even one of the troopers in the wedding party who had to brace the wet and windy conditions as we took photographs at the Aga Khan! The day, however, didn’t begin outdoors. We were actually all indoors, nice an toasty at Marie and Dave’s respective parents’ homes getting ready for their big day ahead. Marie was surrounded by all her bridesmaids and had the help of her mom while Dave hung out with his crew in the morning.




One of the challenges we had at this wedding was the weather. Not only was it wet, but it was cold. Marie and Dave took our advice and purchased umbrellas ahead of time from our friends at White Umbrella Co.¬†which helped with the wet. What would help with the cold…? Turned out that one of Marie’s good friends worked at the Aga Khan museum and we were granted access to take photos indoors which is generally forbidden by the museum when you purchase a photo permit! We were allowed into several rooms, including the patron’s/member’s lounge which is generally inaccessible to the average person.
We were able to convince the entire group to bear the cold for about 10 minutes or less just to be able to get some more options as indoor lighting can be tricky and limiting. The group agreed and we were glad to be able to capture Marie and Dave with their friends using natural light. Those umbrellas did the trick in keeping everyone dry.



The ceremony was a beautiful mix of traditions between the Roman Catholic faith and Filipino culture which was awesome to witness and capture. We love how Marie and Dave continued to steal looks between each other and could not hold back the sweet giggles.





The evening took place at one of our favourite venues, the York Mills Gallery where once again, a more standard reception was met with some cultural influence from their Filipino roots. Marie and Dave also chose a really fun reception game called QBooth, which is like TimePlay at Cineplex theatres but customized for a bride and groom at their wedding. Guests laughed and interacted with each other as they scrambled to answer trivia questions about Marie and Dave in real time, on their smart devices. We had fun participating on our phones as well and it was so simple and fun to use!




Lastly, we opened up the Portraits On White throughout the evening for guests to trickle in and have their portraits taken. With the on-site printing we had, we must have shot thousands of frames and printed hundreds of prints for everyone! To say the least, it was a super successful portrait session!




Congrats to the happy couple!