linda + michael, engagement

June 2, 2017 By Engaged No Comments

Fresh off the airplane from California, after many emails and Skype meetings, we finally got to meet meet Linda and Michael!  Though it was pretty hot on the evening of their shoot, it was thankfully quite comfortable — Toronto weather can be very wonky and unpredictable. We love how they brought their entire wardrobe with them (ok not the entire thing) and asked us our opinion on what they should wear. We’re not surprise because Linda and Michael have been so gracious from the get-go, involving us and asking for our two cents on things from make up, to locations, to lighting, to cinematographers and beyond. It’s really cool that a couple trusts you enough for your humble opinion. Welp, between our two cents and their fabulous taste, we can’t wait to see what they conjure up on their wedding day!

As always, providing options and variety in collections is very important to us. It helps us maximize our creativity and also gives couples different looks to choose from depending on their preference and as well as usage. So we started off at Cherry Beach and then headed a bit more north into the city, which provided a myriad of textures and colours to balance out the set.