Hello everyone, it’s me again, Michelle!
I am back to talk about Karen and Keith’s wedding. Their wedding was not held on a typical weekend but instead took place on a Monday since the majority of their guests flew in from Ireland (love their accents!).
It was a quiet morning as both Karen and Keith prepared for the day ahead. The boys even had a drink of beer to loosen up before the wedding.




Karen and Keith had a traditional Catholic ceremony at Holy Rosary Church. It was a small intimate wedding with their closest friends, family, and relatives. It was amazing to see so many of their loved ones who were willing to drop everything from their busy lives, take a few days off, and celebrate Karen and Keith’s special day.



Between the ceremony and the reception the lovely couple had a photoshoot at Spadina Museum Garden where Karen and Keith shared a lot of laughter and smiles as newlyweds. The weather was not too sunny which made for beautiful images.



The Fifth & Terrace made for a cozy and classy reception with a terrace with a view of the city, a live singer singing in the background, an open bar, and cute decor. The exchanges of speeches were heartfelt and funny which moved the guests’ hearts. Karen who shed a few tears when her father gave his speech.

Their first dance was out on the terrace, then there was a father daughter dance with Karen and her dad, the smiles on their faces say it all. They even brought Tayto Crisps which are a brand of chips from Ireland! What a way to bring Ireland to Toronto 🙂
At the end of the night we snuck Karen and Keith out to take some night time photos at Harbourfront. They stayed behind after the shoot to enjoy the night air before heading back to their celebration.

Congratulations to Karen and Keith!