Hey everyone! I did not get the chance to introduce myself the last time I talked to you in The Intern’s Perspective so this time I am going to introduce me.
Hello, my name is Michelle Yip [handshake], and  I am a third year photography student at Sheridan college, and I am the new intern here at Wedding Editorials!
Many would ask how I developed an interest in photography, it all started when my uncle gave me my first point and shoot camera. I became known as the person who always has a camera on them. Not long after that my hobby and interest in photography grew into a passion in high school with the help of my photography teachers which prompt me to apply for studies in photography, and I have never looked back since.

At school I have been learning a lot about developing my own style by practicing different types of photography such as product, fashion, conceptual, and documentary from a number of talented and working professionals from the industry. The aspects of photography that captures me the most (pun intended) are the different points of views and graphic elements such as shapes, patterns, and lines whether in studio or shooting natural light. From these principles of art I have started to develop my own style which is a combination of simplicity, movement, and hints of fine art elements.  I draw inspiration from the fashion photographer, Paul Jung who plays with shape and light perfectly, and the classic portrait and fashion photographer, Richard Avedon who displays a lot of energy in his images by using movement and connecting with his subjects. From what I have learned from these photographers, I was inspired to put into my own images:
Most people who know me would use the word “simple” to describe me, and it reflects in my interests: I love dogs, food, nature, and theology. You would often find me walking or biking in the park,  drinking bubble tea, eating, reading, or taking photos; however, I am open to trying new things. I do not just enjoy the exciting parts of life but also the mundane because I see something worth capturing even when it comes to the banal moments which reflects in my photography.


I hope to be able to talk to you soon, and continue to show you all what I am learning here at Wedding Editorials. See you all soon!