Hi everyone! It’s not often that we get invited to a stand-alone tea ceremony as they’re usually incorporated into the wedding day but since Holly and Chris are going away for their celebrations, their tea ceremony happened prior to that as an event of its own. Even though coverage was only slightly over an hour, we tried to jam pack as much creativity into it as possible.

A lot of these types of images help with the visual story-telling of the day rather than just jumping straight into the tea ceremony.

We started with our usual approach for prep images in the morning which is gathering important details and making sure we document them. Afterwards, we set the bride/groom into a good position for light and ask them to get ready as they would if we weren’t there. This gives the photo a slightly polished look but the moments are captured as they truly unfold.


Once Holly was all ready to go, we arranged a really quick private moment where they could see each other in their full dress up and just enjoy each other’s company for a moment before the hoopla to come called The Reveal or the First Look.

Holly and Chris proceed with the cultural ceremony of pouring tea for their relatives as a gesture of respect. As a mutual sign of their love and blessing, relatives often offer a lucky red pocket filled with money or adorn the couple with jewelry (typically in yellow gold).

All relatives are invited to surround the bride and groom and witness the ceremony.


Wishing Holly and Chris a wonderful destination wedding in September!