Freddy Mak Real Estate Team Portraits

May 2, 2017 By Creative No Comments

When Freddy came to us for some portraits of his team, we already had some ideas in mind. Freddy’s team deals with high-end transactions so the feel of the promo material needed to reflect that. As a result, we chose a location that was pretty badass — a 5 million dollar penthouse on King West! Woo! It was a perfect backdrop of that high-end, luxe feel with gorgeous interior designs and floor to ceiling windows for light.

To drive the style, we chose some Suits (TV Show) promo material to set the mood.

Speaking of light, we use a mix of available light and strobes, just to give the team a variation to choose from when it came to usage. One of our primary concerns is to make sure we over deliver options so clients always feel like they have a breadth of imagery to choose from and use, depending on the circumstance. The hard part sometimes is giving them variety but still sticking with the common theme — in this case, that Suits theme.

We’re so happy with the results and from the sounds of it, so are our clients!