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Hey ya’ll!
Hannah here. (I’m not from the south, sometimes I just say “ya’ll”)

Last year on New Years Eve, I went to bed at 11pm…. because I am an old old soul.
This year though, I partied late into the night with Erin and Doug while we celebrated and photographed their amazing NYE wedding!

These two are incredibly sweet (they dropped by my house a week before the wedding to give us a Christmas gift!!), incredibly fun (you know you have a fun couple when the kissing game at the reception involves taking shots), and incredibly good looking. (Yeh, I mean. Just look at them.)

It was pretty cold on NYE, (by pretty cold, I mean it was basically unbearable) but the wedding party were troopers and braved the icy winds during photos.

We also did a couple of shots inside, because we didn’t want anyone to die of hypothermia (ourselves included.)

If I missed out from a NYE party last year, this party definitely made up for it. These guys have some sweet moves…

Congrats Erin and Doug, it was awesome to ring in the New Year with you guys!

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