Hi everyone! Claudia here. Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of jumping on as a second shooter for Sam Wong from Artanis Collective. It was a long day (13 hours) out in the summer heat all over the GTA and finally at Casa Loma for the ceremony and reception. As we arrived at Casa Loma, the bride and groom had a good amount of down time to change from their morning tea ceremony outfits into their western ones — Lilian changed into her white dress and Jon changed into his bespoke suit from Garrison. We used the bridal suite as the backdrop for these prep shots. While Sam was covering Lilian in another room, I used a balcony window to light Jon and his best man Chris get ready. In most studio settings, you’re able to move the light source around the subject(s) but when you’re using natural light you have to remember to move yourself or your subjects (or both!). Often times, you can quickly grab two different looks from one set up by just moving around physically.
I started off using the window light almost straight on, which is usually a safe and flattering way to light subjects. The depth of the light was rather short so I was banking on the background dropping in several stops to allow for the subjects to pop. 

In the photo above, I’m positioned with my back towards the window light and had Chris and Jon standing in a profile position to grab this scene.  I had gotten my options and decided to move around. I walked to the left, around Chris so I was position looking over his left shoulder at Jon. This time,  I was seeing Jon’s right side of his face which was mostly in shadow. I turned him just a tad so that the window light brushed across the shadowed side and exposed for highlights. Here’s what I got:

That’s it! Two different looks and uses of light by simply moving yourself around the light and adjusting your subject accordingly!