Today we wanted to share a bit about post-processing and the philosophy behind our approach. To us, post processing offers us mainly two advantages: it allows us to tweak or fix technical issues with a photo and it unleashes a new layer of creative potential. Let’s dive into the first advantage!

Photographing and documenting a wedding day involves a lot of multitasking and split decisions. In the thick of things not all of our photographs are always technically perfect. On the flip side, sometimes we capture “happy accidents” which, with a little bit of creativity, can be turned into a unique beautiful capture. The post processing process allows us to fix a lot of these technical imperfections — from the exposure, sharpness, cropping and straightening. While we aim for these things in-camera, the ability to address this in photographs later gives us a bit of breathing room to prioritize our focus on capturing the right moments and manage other things:

Here is an example of a photo that could benefit from a bit of tweaking:


The lines are not all straight and the wide angle perspective includes a lot of distracting elements in the room which takes away focus from the bride getting ready. With some cropping and straightening, we re-framed the image into something more effective and powerful:


We think this image provides a more intimate feel — as if you were more of a fly on the wall during a fleeting moment.

The second thing we love about post processing is it opens up a door to boundless creativity with colouring and the manipulation of darks and lights. At the same time, we’ve all seen photos on the web or on social media where all you can notice about the photo are the filters. That’s to say that the post processing can actually become a distraction if not done in a mindful and tasteful way. For us, we consider toning and colouring more akin to the decorative garnishing to an already tasty and beautiful dish of food, which, should always be the star!


Above is a straight out of the camera shot of Josi getting ready. We think it’s a pretty strong photo to begin with! But to heighten that sense of intimacy with the moment, we decided to crop in a bit and straighten the photo while we were at it. We also cooled the photo down a bit, giving it a blue tinge in order to contrast the warm light on her skin. We did a subtle darkening of the shadows and room too to again, draw the eye to the main subject in the photograph. The end product is a bit moodier and has more of an intentional spot to draw your gaze:


In the end, we always approach post processing with as much finesse and subtly in order to get the most effective and powerful result from the image. We use it as an extension of the camera to help bring out the best qualities of what we already captured! Hope this gave you a bit of insight into how we utilize this tool!