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Hannah here, and I’m going to talk about how I shot one of my favourite 2016 engagement images.

Quick story: Claudia and Justin had been telling me a lot about Fan Ho, a celebrated and award winning Chinese photographer. (Side note, if you’ve never seen his work, it’s worth a look!)  As I began to look through some of his work, I was so captivated by how he used light – particularly how he played with harsh light and shadows.  Generally, I tend to avoid harsh light, always opting to shoot in the shade, or to back light the subject so that the light is even and flattering. But I started to experiment on my own with more “Fan Ho inspired” photos.

While we were driving to the location that Lauren and Robert has chosen for their engagement photos, we drove past a big underpass, and I noticed right away that there were all these awesome shadows. I asked if we could take some photos and they were totally cool with it.

To get this particular shot,  I had to stand on a big slab of cement in order to get the angle that I wanted, which was a little awkward to get on and off, but worth it.  I shot on my 24mm, so that I could fit in as much of the shadows as possible, and set my fstop at f8 because I was going for a more graphic feel, and not a typical portrait with a blurred out background.

That’s it kiddos. Go check out Fan Ho because he is awesome.[/two_thirds_column]

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