Aneta & Tomas

What’s up friends. Since it’s getting cold and snowy out now we thought we’d share some images from another one of our shoots in the sunshine state, with NHL’s Tomas Hertl and his GORGEOUS girlfriend, Aneta.  Woot woot (/’.’)/ DSC_0550

We were in Cali for 5 days and managed to get in two awesome shoots. During the other days we scouted around, ate copious amounts of food, and rode around on a double-decker tour bus through San Francisco like classic Asian tourists. (It was windy. Also, hill-y. SO hill-y.) We stayed with our clients, Joel Ward from the San Jose Sharks and his gorgeous fiancé Kitt. (Read about our shoot with them here!)

For our second shoot of the trip we met up with another San Jose Sharks player, Tomas Hertl, and his stunning girlfriend of five years, Aneta.  These guys are pretty much models so they made our job easy.

^I mean. Come on. Is this even real life?!

We shot the first half of our shoot at Vasona Lake County Park in Los Gatos, which had some very “California-esque” looking spots which we loved. When we travel, we try to really highlight and make use of the different landscapes, so that you can tell that you’re definitely NOT in Toronto. We especially loved that magical California light.

Before the shoot, we  did a quick scout and stumbled upon this little gem of an empty parking garage nearby to the park, so we headed there for the second half of the shoot. It gave us an awesome contrast to the park photos, and these guys worked it hard (/’.’)/

We had so much fun with this awesome couple and hope to be back in warm and sunny California soon! (And maybe catch Joel Ward and Tomas Hertl in a San Jose Sharks game next time woo!)


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