Wedding Editorials is a small collective of award-winning photographers based in Toronto, Ontario. Our approach differs from many other photographers as we have a team approach to managing and capturing your wedding or event. Whether on a commercial shoot in New York, capturing an engagement session in Tokyo, or a wide range of weddings locally, we believe that having at least two primary photographers leading a shoot provides maximum creativity, problem-solving abilities and angle options. Stylistically, we approach weddings with the same technical and creative keenness as when working onset with the likes of photo, art and creative directors for editorial or commercial commissions (Toronto Life, Best Health, Report On Business, Lug Travel, Unliever, Fashion, OCAD, Women’s College Hospital … )  So whether we’re photographing celebrities like Russell Peters, Keshia Chante, and Mark McEwan or photographing a bride and groom on their wedding day, the focus is on images that are contemporary, engaging and stand the test of time. Much like a video/cinematography team, our individual styles and visions are honed in by a director and then thoughtfully woven together by an editor.

Outside of work (which involves hanging out for the entire day, week after week after week) our team truly is a tight-knit group of friends who enjoy each other’s company.

At Wedding Editorials, we operate like any other business should – heavily invested in building a highly skilled and competent team who are passionate about consistency, solid communication and reliability.



Justin has had an unconventional journey to becoming a wedding photographer. He had successful careers as both a stock trader and IT consultant before realizing he desired something more meaningful. As such, Justin earned his Certificate in Photography Studies at Ryerson University and found deep satisfaction being able to capture and preserve one of life's milestones for people. With his meticulousness and analytical skills, Justin applies a unique and precise flare into his photography style. He has enjoyed 8 years in the wedding industry and has never looked back. Photography aside, Justin enjoys exploring the world with his wife, always looking to discover new experiences.


Principal Photographer

Claudia has been photographing weddings all over the world for well over a decade and has been integral in the training and mentorship of many talented photographers in the wedding industry today. Prior to weddings, she earned her BFA at Ryerson, interned at Toronto Life and Canadian Family magazines, and assisted prominent Canadian photographers Steve Carty and William Ciccocioppo. Following this, she spent a part of her photographic career in the editorial and commercial world of photography, refining her skills under the watchful eye of Toronto's leading photo editors and art directors. Claudia spends her ``free time`` hanging out with her husband which usually involves doing CrossFit. When they are not so free, their identical twin boys and two dogs keep them pretty occupied.


Principal Photographer

Hannah loves puppies, Downton Abbey, her portable heater, and hamburgers. She’s been snapping photos ever since she was given her first camera for her 12th birthday and is thrilled to be able to capture people’s special moments and memories for them. She loves each and every part of the wedding day: from the hustle and bustle of getting ready, to the beauty and sincerity of the ceremony, to the fist-pumping beats at the dance party. When she isn’t taking photos, you can find her playing the cello in a small folk band, walking her little dog Indie, making her (self-proclaimed) legendary guacamole, or hanging out with friends.
DISLIKES: brussel sprouts and doing laundry.


Senior Photographer

Calvert is a Junior Photographer at Wedding Editorials. After graduating from Ryerson University and realizing what he studied was not the ideal career path, he decided to venture into the wonderful world of capturing weddings.

Calvert is an adventurer, travel addict, big foodie, noodle love, an excellent parallel parker and our lead technician for the Portraits On White.

I LOVE: cars, electronics and technology


Junior Photographer

Michelle is a Junior Photographer at Wedding Editorials. After a short stint as an intern at the company, Michelle is now finishing her degree in photography and shooting as an assistant.

In the process, Michelle has started to develop her own style which is a combination of simplicity, movement, and hints of fine art elements.
I LOVE: dogs of all kinds and iced tea 🙂




Junior Photographer